viernes, 15 de febrero de 2019

The Christmas storms and the sun relate to us and began with a problem between two families for a different concept of ideas in their newspaper. Until a bigger problem in history is shown, the health of the baby is affected; finally, in this part of the story, they began to show their commitment to this situation, doing all the possible things in a group to help, and ensuring the baby's life if it were not for these big problems these 2 families will continue with their problems and they will not arrive at a solution, for a number of disrespectful acts that each family had with the other.

In a society were a lot of people have different ideas, there is were for obligation the respect is the principal value that has to be teach and show to everyone no matter the age. These is obviously not show at the begining of the story for eachs families, and something not difficult to understand because they clearly are their only competition in the area of writing; but to take these porblem to their homes. Not just by saying that one of these families is the problematic , because they both are. Not just their different concept of ideas was the problem, because they also were neighbors with problems; getting to the point of making evil things among them.

Its easy to say that these problem is resolve with talking, but is not true because they have a lot of hate and competition between them, that their ideas crash making them fight more and have an other problem to solve. Instead of these that did not happen, they had to wait in the sotory that the other one need the help, in a critical way in these case the baby Tom from the Hodgson’s family was the one that had a sickness, that in that time was killing a lot of babys. After the Jenkins seeing these critical problem they decided to help the Hodgson and contributed with the healing of the baby that was cure. Both families decided to solve their problems in christmas and forgive the bad acts that they had, they eat dinner as a united family.

The theme that theses story let us was forgiveness , after seen these both families fighting for a long time and with real reasons to fight been united to solve a big problem and eating dinner together in a way of thankful and a feeling of satisfaction, because they finally solved their problems these finally teach both families that no matter the problem you have with the other one, when you have or need help; you have to ask for, or give to someone that needs the help.

Considering that in order to live in a enviroment full of happiness and love, first you have to know that are many people around you, as the story says these two families did not like each other; but they where not happy, because always they were thinking if the other family was going to do something bad, getting to frustated both of the families. These is why you have to be respectful, tolerant, and have a full comunication with the others around; been tolerant with their ideas, and they also would respect yours. 

To conclude we have to take a lesson from these story and improve the values not just with our family; with everyone around us, in order to be a happy and united community that helps and works as a group, for the good of everyone 
tolerating that everyone have different ideas that should be respected like the ones that you have.

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2019


The poem begins with a description of a river and a road that pass through long fields of barley and rye before reaching the town of Camelot. The people of the town travel along the road and look toward an island called Shalott, which lies further down the river. The island of Shalott contains several plants and flowers, including lilies, aspens, and willows. On the island, a woman known as the Lady of Shalott is imprisoned within a building made of “four gray walls and four gray towers.”

Both “heavy barges” and light open boats sail along the edge of the river to Camelot. But has anyone seen or heard of the lady who lives on the island in the river? Only the reapers who harvest the barley hear the echo of her singing. At night, the tired reaper listens to her singing and whispers that he hears her: “This the fairy Lady of Shalott.” The Lady of Shalott weaves a magic, colorful web. She has heard a voice whisper that a curse will befall her if she looks down to Camelot, and she does not know what this curse would be. Thus, she concentrates solely on her weaving, never lifting her eyes.
However, as she weaves, a mirror hangs before her. In the mirror, she sees “shadows of the world,” including the highway road, which also passes through the fields, the eddies in the river, and the peasants of the town. Occasionally, she also sees a group of damsels, an abbot (church official), a young shepherd, or a page dressed in crimson. She sometimes sights a pair of knights riding by, though she has no loyal knight of her own to court her. Nonetheless, she enjoys her solitary weaving, though she expresses frustration with the world of shadows when she glimpses a funeral procession or a pair of newlyweds in the mirror.

A knight in brass armor comes riding through the fields of barley beside Shalott; the sun shines on his armor and makes it sparkle. As he rides, the gems on his horse’s bridle glitter like a constellation of stars, and the bells on the bridle ring. The knight hangs a bugle from his sash, and his armor makes ringing noises as he gallops alongside the remote island of Shalott. In the blue, unclouded weather, the jewels on the knight’s saddle shine, making him look like a meteor in the purple sky. His forehead glows in the sunlight, and his black curly hair flows out from under his helmet. As he passes by the river, his image flashes into the Lady of Shalott’s mirror and he sings out “tirra lirra.” Upon seeing and hearing this knight, the Lady stops weaving her web and abandons her loom. The web flies out from the loom, and the mirror cracks, and the Lady announces the arrival of her doom: “The curse is come upon me.”

As the sky breaks out in rain and storm, the Lady of Shalott descends from her tower and finds a boat. She writes the words “The Lady of Shalott” around the boat’s bow and looks downstream to Camelot like a prophet foreseeing his own misfortunes. In the evening, she lies down in the boat, and the stream carries her to Camelot. The Lady of Shalott wears a snowy white robe and sings her last song as she sails down to Camelot. She sings until her blood freezes, her eyes darken, and she dies. When her boat sails silently into Camelot, all the knights, lords, and ladies of Camelot emerge from their halls to behold the sight. They read her name on the bow and “cross...themselves for fear.” Only the great knight Lancelot is bold enough to push aside the crowd, look closely at the dead maiden, and remark “She has a lovely face; God in his mercy lend her grace.”

domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2018

A Modest proposal

The story contains two values justice and equity the two values are similar, then I will give the explanation of the two 
Justice is just behaviour or treatment
Fairness impartial and just treat mento or behavior without favouritism or discrimination

The story talk about of modest proporsal for preventing the children of por people from being or burthen to their parents , or the country and for making them beneficial to the public . also talk about the por people kids that are living in squalor because their families are too por to keep them red and clotehd so the autor createa way to turn this problema intoown solution. His proposal are two to fatten up these undernourished children and feed themto irelands rich land-owners. Children of the por could be sold into a meat market, he argues this combating over population and unemployment 

At first, Jonathan Swift (main character) goes to the city of Dublin in Ireland, and sees two problems that are the overpopulation and the economy that affect the quality of life of the people who live there. In that there was injustice because the poor are not treated in the same way that the rich are treated and the injustice is that the children did not have the problem of these two causes, so Jonathan Swift's proposal is unfair, so In this story the two values of history are not reflected, this is a disastrous and inhuman proposal because it is not fair for children, they did not have their opinions so they are only 1 year old babies, so they can not talk, much less fend. the proposal was that they will treat well and feed the children well, for when the rich people eat the taste it would be incredible, this is a problem worse than the problems of the city.

Well a related this with justice or fairness that is the same value literally , in the way that why this por kids need to pay or be forced to do this ? , they need and have righyts , and need justice for this life. They cant be sold like athing or like an object or food , they are persons , that need to have a good development , that. Need work, study , so in my personal opinon there is no justice or fairness in the story with that sowtion that the autor say . tey are rape the justice and rights of the childrens or ireland

viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2018

The diary of Samuel Pepys 

In this essay I will talk about the story of Samuel Pepys and with whom he can relate to the values of trust and gratitude to history. To compare these two values of trust and gratitude, we must first understand the meaning of both. Reliability is the ability to be reliable or honest. And being grateful is basically someone who is glad that something happened or that something did not happen or that someone or something existed.

Below I will relate each part of the story with the values mentioned. The story is divided into 3 parts in which each part tells the story of Samuel Pepys, shows his feelings and thoughts about his experience living these events. Relate values with Samuel is someone who is always thinking about what is happening at this time and what can happen as a result of their actions and the actions of other characters.

In the first part of the story, Samuel talks about the coronation of the king, so he was happy and trustworthy in this part because he is watching, the coronation of the king, so he is grateful and happy for the coronation, and I am reliable because he was always loyal to his king at all times and that is why he was always at his events.

In the second part, it can be said that he is grateful because the great fire that happened in London did not kill him, and one of the people he most appreciated is that he and his wife went to the store to buy something to eat, and His wife He prepares his favorite food but it did not seem so favorable on his part to see the fire and not help others.

in the third part, I think he is not grateful, but at the same time yes, because he is a very womanizing man, he was always looking for other women, which shows that he is not grateful and does not have enough confidence for the wife he has. In conclusion of the story, Samuel Pepys was a little confused, because somewhere in the story he shows us the values of gratitude and trust, but sometimes he can do something that can show us that he was not grateful for some factors.

jueves, 4 de octubre de 2018

the virtues are one of the most important values ​​in a person's life, Rules in our lives to behave well and communicate with others and have a good coexistence. there is no doubt that virtues can consider a person as good or bad, when a person does not apply these values, mistreat others, insult people and have bad consequences due to wrongdoing and many other things, and this It happens when a person's values ​​are not well established from the beginning of their lives, people who know how to behave through their ethics offer these virtues that are completely different because they always respect others, have good relationships with people and They can also have good communication in a community. For me, some of the most important virtues are respect, tolerance, loyalty, humility, love and justice. In my opinion, the virtues are like the moral rules and, at the same time, the rules of life because talking about values ​​or virtues are characteristic aspects of each person and how society carries out in a good or bad way, but the Learning These virtues are learned mainly at home. With our parents, they are the ones who teach us since we were children.

Something that has been lost over time is that parents do not teach the importance of values ​​to children and seek to replace it with material things and do not teach them the values ​​that you have to have as a person to have a trained character, because Every value or value is important for life to improve a person. People who do not apply the virtues in adulthood usually have many problems because they are people without well-founded values ​​and have problems with others for the same factor. For me, today is not easy because of the type of people in the society in which we live or the environment in which we surround ourselves but, of course, not all are bad. But people in this world had changed to be more interested in themselves, being selfish with others there was more hypocrisy, selfishness, among many more. But it's important to talk about good things because not everything is bad, obviously, the world has good people and good actions tell the difference, this year the world has been in continuous change, nowadays most adolescents and children do not have respect for others, people are no longer generous because people only want to succeed individually, regardless of the other. I believe that the world can change for good values, good learning of our parents, applying the virtues and having good manners.

If you think about what the world would be like without the virtues or values, you can imagine people committing mistakes, hypocritical and selfish living, there would be many wars, there would never be an agreement and much less stable countries because a person without moral principles is incomplete because at the moment that one is born and grows they have to go teaching how to act in life so as not to have conflicts with other people. But the saddest thing is that the people of the last of these years are that their moral sense has been lost over the years and that is totally bad because we are the example of the next generations and of our children, not only the world is also decaying people without good managers and good actions, and also for this We are losing our human spirit, we know that we do not want to help anyone because we only want everything good for them. The virtues or values ​​are what can 

martes, 18 de septiembre de 2018

The door of evil

It is said that once in the United States in California, I succeeded a house where a woman lived who committed suicide to open the doors to the evil being, over the years her house was left alone and removed from society by the stories that they said that if you lived next to her the woman appeared to you, one day a couple of young people decided to go to the place to test if the rumors of others were true and it is said that to call you you have to touch the door twice and he will go by you, it is said that every time you knock on the door of any age, it is said that he goes for you until you take him to hell

viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2018


Colombia is a country with a great diversity of animals, flowers, cultures among many things. There are many reasons to be proud of
Colombia because in this country we can find nature reserves, our flora and fauna, the diversity of cultures of our people and the richness of our cultural and artistic heritage are some of them. We also have a great recognition that identifies us in front of the world for sports, artists among many things. Many of these things are present in our daily life, in our celebrations, events and solemn occasions. Its meaning is the pride we feel to be Colombians, our belonging and origin. It is also a republic that includes 32 departments. The Colombian territory was originally inhabited by indigenous peoples. You can name several festivities in Colombia such as art festivals, music festivals and cultural festivals, among others. The Carnival of Barranquilla occurs in the days leading up to Lent. The Barranquilla Carnival is the second largest carnival celebration in the world, and is considered by most as the most famous and important festival in Colombia. The Flores Festival in Medellín is another incredible festival in Colombia that takes place in Medellín, Antioquia. This festival takes place every year during the first two weeks of August and lasts around 10 days.

The actual president is Ivan Duque who got the president´s position one month ago. The ex-president was Juan Manuel Santos and he did many good things for this country like the peace agreement.

Barranquilla or also called Puerta de Oro is one of the most important cities of Colombia since it is where the development of the country comes in, in addition to having one of the most important events in the country that are carnivals. Despite being a hot city, it has one of the best beaches and, in addition, it will never get cold. Barranquilla has had many changes that have changed the city and looking towards the other side of the city, this our river, in works like the boardwalk, the center of events of the golden gate and the monument "the window to the world" that recently opened. Barranquilla was also the center of the Central American games of the Caribbean, so this led to Barranquilla to build and improve its sports facilities that is now available to all Barranquilla for the use of this. Barranquilla, besides all its beauty, is a multicultural city. Barranquilla is also characterized by gastronomy, where many travelers come to the city to enjoy Italian, Arab, Peruvian, Spanish food and their own typical food. As for music, rhythms from many countries, mainly from the Caribbean, are also presented, such as salsa, regue, ranchera and their own music, such as cumbia and vallenato. In music, our pride is Shakira, who has achieved international triumphs and recognition.

I live in the neighborhood of Río Mar located north of the city of Barranquilla is characterized by having houses with high-rise buildings and are surrounded by green areas which are visited by families from all over the city, and shopping centers such as buenavista, viva, homecenter . There is also a soccer field that children and youth from different neighborhoods of Barranquilla use every day. Nearby is the sector of universities, such as the Universidad del Atlántico, Universidad del Norte, Universidad del Libre, San Martín University, among others. In the neighborhood where I also live, there are educational institutions such as Teaching, Spanish colombo, lyndon b, among others. It is a quiet neighborhood, nice, with good transport services and roads in good condition, in the mornings you can see the neighbors of the sector doing physical activity, or walking their pets, in general is one of the best neighborhoods in the city.